About Us

About Us

Our company grew from humble beginnings in the mid 1990s collecting used materials from the textile mills in Manchester and using this to make carpet underlay and mattress filling. We have evolved from our humble beginnings to work with state of the art facilities and a network of experienced professionals, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations. Our advanced sorting and processing technologies allow us to maximise the recovery and reuse of valuable materials, minimising the impact on natural resources now making us a leading recycling and processing company.

Our Mission

At EnviroScene we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through responsible and sustainable recycling management. As a leading recycling company, We specialise in the collection, processing, and recycling of various types of waste materials using all sources of waste to evolve the recycling process.

What We Do

We work with a dedicated network of like minded people who see recycling as a solution long term for all the waste and pollution created. We work with many different businesses such as manufacturers, distribution centres, retailers, food depots, vehicle salvage firms, scrap metal facilities, Construction and demolition companies, trades people and contractors. 

We also work closely with Schools and local authorities . We see the bigger picture!! We accept we cannot do it alone and have over years, built a strong, reliable network of other like minded businesses and talented professionals with a similar vision as well working alongside other recycling businesses as a broker. With the help of our network, provide recycling solutions for all kinds of businesses, manufacturers, distribution centres, retailers, food production and packaging. 

We recycle a whole range of waste materials; metals, plastics, fabrics, rubber, to name just a few. We clean and process the materials, supplying the purified waste for further production and delivering to end users across the UK and the globe.

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